Sardines Dance Collective
  • Without the full use of my legs I was still involved in all the activities including the jumping!<br />Georgie - Newham Sixthform College Student
  • Thoroughly enjoyable experience for all, would love to repeat it again!<br />Pia - Rambert Graduate Participant
  • Excellent understanding of different abilities. I had lots of fun with the team and am going to do it again!<br />Laura - Project Participant
  • The performance was totally awesome, I really want to do the dance project next year.<br />Ruby - Newham Sixthform College Student
  • I liked working with the wheelchairs and learning about them! <br />Blue - Towards Independent Student
  • Sardines Dance is so supportive and it gives me a reason to get up in the mornings<br /> Tobi - Dancer
Moving Together